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  • Herb Johnson
    Nov 30, 2007
      "Mike Hatch" <mike@...> wrote:
      > I'd recently come across a few Ic's that I have spare and rather than
      > chuck them would prefer to pass them on. Next idea was what about a
      > central point for members/people to look and see who has what. So I
      > came up with this -> www.soemtron.org/partsavailable/index.html <- its
      > an idea, would it be usefull ?, if not I'll kill it. There are
      > possibly better ways. Comments please, I'd be happy to run it, but am
      > also ready to be shot down in flames if it already exists.
      > The emails on those pages are live, so reach me via those and that
      > will keep non essential traffic off this list.
      > Many thanks, Mike

      I think it's a problem worth discussing (if anyone is interested) in
      MARCH. After all, we get donations from people who are also looking to
      get rid of stuff, only it's whole computers and not (generally) parts.

      I think the fundamental problems of an online exchange include the
      same problems organizations like MARCH have. Namely, cataloging what
      you have; making it available; working out shipping. All these are
      costs of time or space or transport. It's tougher for small parts,
      particularly onesies. If Mike can solve these problems, or help people
      solve them in order to list and provide parts, I'd certainly like to
      see his solution! I wish him well. I sent him a bit more discussion as
      he suggested.

      Current services which do this? eBay, craig's list, hamfests. Hamfests
      in 2007 are now mostly reduced to parts and ham radio stuff - back to
      how it was thirty-plus years ago. Funny.

      Herb Johnson
      dit dah dit dit

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