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6465IBM PC and related expansion cards/boards offered

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  • Bill Pileggi
    Nov 9, 2007
      I thought I'd offer these items locally, before offering to nation at large. Just make arrangements for pickup or shipping and they are yours. Donations appreciated but not required. If no takers, they get scrapped/recycled. Bill P./KA3AIS

      Compaq PLUS Luggable computer...Built-in 9 inch monitor, 5.25 inch
      floppy, HDD. Very Dirty.

      Everex Color/Monochrome card. Dual 9 pin connectors + composite RCA phono connector - switch selected. 8 bit ISA.

      Seagate ST-251 with defect map (paper print out). Probable Western Digital MFM controller card + cables. 16 bit ISA.

      XT bus (8 bit ISA) IDE Hard Disk Controller card. New with instructions and cable. Table lists 46 stock hard disk types.

      Everex MFM HDD controller card XT/PC. Looks new with cables, manual. 8
      bit ISA.

      Hard Card - hard disk mounted on 8 bit ISA card with controller. BSM Karddisk 20 (presumably 20 Mb.).

      AST RAMpage AT=Pak. "Turns your 2MB expanded memory board into a full
      featured multifunction product". Looks like daughter-card with manual in generic AST box.

      INTEL Aboveboard/PC boxed. 256kb. >> 2Mb.

      CGA card with composite connector RCA phono jack. 8 bit ISA. Columbia
      Data products.

      TRS-80 Color Computer - Color Logo plug-in modules - 3 available.
      Catalog number 26-2722.
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