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6390Cromemco System Three update....

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  • B. Degnan
    Oct 31, 2007

      I have returned the system to the original configuration for a bare-bones
      system. I can now get to the RDOS prompt. I have version 1. ? I can
      check memory, assign drives, and jump to memory locations, it's a pretty
      straight-forward monitor program. I cannot use RDOS to tell the computer
      to boot from the apparently working B drive. I wonder if there are dip
      switches on the drives that allow a person to flip A to B. I will find out
      soon enough.

      I am convinced that there's a mechanical/electrical problem with the PerSci
      drive. I have the schematics, etc. and I will let you know how it
      goes. Once I get the drive working, I'd like see if I can get the original
      Cromemco CP/M working. 1.??

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