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  • Herb Johnson
    Oct 26, 2007
      Mike Loewen <mloewen@...> wrote:
      > Are there others in the group who also collect Sun
      > workstations, in addition to our more classic systems?

      Sure! I don't "collect" them as much as resell them, or I used to
      when there was supply and demand. Not much demand now, and I'm not
      seeing them like I did a few years ago when they were being replaced
      at businesses and universities.

      I have a Web page of Sun and SGI stuff at:


      But I myself have parted out most of what I used to have, except the
      very oldest systems. I have a few of the 3/ series single-board
      systems that I'll get back to and review next year. They are
      interesting from sheer age and processor - as you posted, they are 68K
      based systems. A few years ago I sold a very old Multibus based Sun
      system, very early, to someone in Europe who still writes to tell me
      his progress on it.

      The UltraSPARC stuff should be running as it's only a decade old. If
      you want some SPARCstation 10 parts, contact me, I think I have a box
      of pulled parts for which you must pay shipping plus something.

      Herb Johnson

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