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6269Re: CDOS and CP/M

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  • Herb Johnson
    Oct 15, 2007
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      "B. Degnan" <billdeg@...> wrote:
      > There's a thread on cctalk
      > "Extracting CDOS and CP/M files" that has been going on for a
      > while. Mostly it's about disk formatting and transferring files.
      > Has anyone here worked with Starlink or CDOS (Concurrent DOS XM) by
      > Research? Worked with CP/M 80/86 stuff for the IBM PC like "Move
      It" or
      > anything that boots CP/M on an IBM PC??
      > I think that there is a lot of opportunity for research in this area of
      > history. MS DOS won out, but not for technical reasons IMHO.
      > Bill


      ...lists some early Digital Research OS's after CP/M 2.2


      ..gives some history of Digital Research after it was bought by Novell
      Inc in 1991 for about $100 Million dollars (so I"ve read); then bought
      by Caldera, which became SCO (the people who are/were suing about
      Unix?); then the DRI assets were spun off as a seperate company which
      is today DR-DOS Inc.

      Not bad, for a company which did not "win out".

      I have a few Web links for CP/M-86 and the IBM PC on these pages:


      ..but they are not well organized because I'm not overly interested in
      that direction. My primary focus in the world of Digital Research, is
      in the early years leading up to CP/M-80. But I recall there are a
      few sites specific to running CP/M on various IBM PC's. And this is a
      repeated topic in Usenet newsgroup comp.os.cpm, a search there will be
      very VERY productive.

      Herb Johnson
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