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62Re: [midatlanticretro] was Kim-1 info now GEOS

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  • billdeg@aol.com
    Feb 19, 2005
      I think that my expansion card is too "new" for a rev B. ?? As far as my kim goes (rev G), I made sure it worked and then put it away. I have not used it since, I have not had the chance with so many other computers in my collection that need help!.

      Jumping topic..Does anyone use GEOS anymore? I have been experimenting with it this week for the first time. I have a copy of GEOS 1.2 running on a C128 with a 128K RAM expansion, 1670 modem, 1571 and 1541 II drive system. It took me a long time to find and restore a GEOS system disk (you have to have the orig. disk to boot). Very primitive Windows system, but historically an important piece of software. If you have a Commodore 64/128 this is definately worth experiencing, especially with a RAM expansion and modem. You can compare GEOS with Windows 1.0 if you have a copy of that as well, same lingo (dialogue box rather than dialog box, double click, etc.). If you have a copy of Quantum Link, sometimes GEOS is on the flip side of the diskette.

      The oldest GUI I ever used was an old Xerox system when I worked at IBM in the 80's (do not have one now). An interesting exhibit for the TCF or VCF would be "primitive GUI's." I have an Apple II GS with a GUI, but this is newer. I don't know as much about earlier Apple GUI's. I assume that their earlies GUI beat GEOS to the market?

      Back in the day I was a DOS man and did not care for early GUI's that much. Loaded it, played with it, put it away. DOS was more productive until Windows 98. I admit that I still use DOS daily in my job (programming/server support)

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