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6110Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: Important! Amendment to museum exhibit plan

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  • M. Frank
    Sep 25, 2007
      As to storage, I've never had luck storing an older hard drive in the garage or the attic, as to 501 3 c, here is a link to the NJ page on that
      I agree with Will that this is not all that difficult, but by-laws can be a nightmare, you find that out when there is a disagreement
      I am a lawyer and would be happy to help out on a pro bono basis (my present employment does not allow me to be paid on the side)

      William Donzelli <wdonzelli@...> wrote:
      > Will, would you please send me copies of the charter and by-laws that you have worked on? I have similar documents from my computer club here in CT, but these documents must meet the requirements of the home state and MARCH's home is NJ. Documents that are known to meet NJ laws would be a big help as a starting point.

      I have requested a copy of another groups bylaws and such that we can
      copy. Maybe I will have them by tonight. I will be out of town for a
      few days very soon, so if you do not get them right away, do not

      There is actually not much of an issue with meeting any state's
      requirments - they are almost all universally simple - minimal number
      of officers and board members, minimum number of meetings, minimal
      bookkeeping, having an EIN, etc.. It is actually kind of hard not to
      meet these requirements.


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