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  • Evan
    Jun 1, 2005
      Great idea, but next week is too soon.  We should begin our show planning * after * we make more progress with the InfoAge people and the museum concept.  No point in decorating before we build our house.
      I definitely support merging VCF East 3.0 with the grand opening of the MARCH museum.  LOL, I'm not clear if you were suggesting that exactly, but I support it anyway.   :)
      Sellam does have a VCF event checklist.  I saw it once before.  Will ask him to send me an updated version.
      >>> I think we should do a practice mini festival of just MARCH people this Fall
      In many ways, our Trenton experience did just that.  But there's no reason to wait until autumn to begin documenting (and adding to!) the existing InfoAge (a.k.a., "Grabbe") collection.  As I said, still waiting to hear the status of InfoAge actually moving Mr. Grabbe's collection to its facility, and still waiting for you MARCH'rs to collectively tell me "Yes! We want to help run the museum!" before I tell InfoAge the same thing.  (LOL, at least so I don't get stuck doing all the work.)

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      Evan (all)
      How about a MARCH 1.0 (VCF East) kick off chat conference?  I think that this
      would be more practical than meeting at the InfoAge location physically and
      will encourage more people to participate.  I for one have a tight weekend
      schedule that restricts when I can travel.  I realize that some will have to go to
      the facility when we get closer to the event, but with "marching orders" the
      visit will be more practical.  Anyone have experience setting up a chat?  I
      propose some early evening next week, like the 8th or 9th.

      Here is what I have in mind:

      1) A floor plan of the facility is posted electronically to the yahoo group
      pictures area
      in advance of the chat (Evan?)
      2) Other pertinent info is also posted in advance (basic floor space, etc.)
      3) Perhaps Sellam has a kickoff checklist?  Perhaps Sellam can participate in
      the chat to give us ideas?
      4) Set a timeline and assign tasks.
      Some examples:
      a) create a checklist of must have's and like to have's for event
      b) assign someone to complete a site survey specific to the event and verify
      the must have's are possible and like to have's are likely.
      c) determine the date of a practice event (see below) and an then the VCF
      East itself
      d) create teams for publicity, finance, operations/registration, facility
      management, guest services, and overall coordinator(s)
      e) schedule meeting dates for each team to kick off their part
      f) schedule the next general chat to report each team's progress.

      I think we should do a practice mini festival of just MARCH people this Fall.
      We can take the opportunity to meet with the InfoAge management as a group,
      and we can start an electronic inventory of the items that are currently
      warehoused at the facility.  I am thinking a barcoding system and database.  There
      might be items that need mechanical attention/cleaning to save them.  We might
      even use this as an opportunity to bring items we don't have room to store at
      our homes/businesses to donate to the InfoAge project.

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