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  • Herb Johnson
    Sep 24, 2007
      Ray Sills <raysills@...> wrote:

      > Joe brought up his recent score at a dumpster. I thought I'd pass
      > along a good dumpster site:
      > The East Brunswick, NJ Recycling Center.If you have some
      > old magazines,
      > cardboard boxes, clothing, or newspapers you want to dump,
      > this is a good place to do it. I can't imagine that they would
      > object to anyone taking some computer item away, if you find a gem.

      Not to be a spoiler, but I recycle enough equipment to be familiar
      with New Jersey county recycling policy. It's likely that this center
      is limited to "dumping" - donations - from RESIDENTS OF THE COUNTY, or
      to residents of the community it serves. A Web search will likely find
      a Web site with more information. Usually these are funded locally and
      so they don't want to "pay for" some other communities' disposal of
      stuff. And, they might enforce that restriction with a ticket if
      they identify your stuff as inappropriate.

      Recycling is a tough business or service, it's not easy to make a
      profit, in part because of restrictions about processing of various
      materials add to costs. Yet it's important to the community because it
      keeps wastes out of the landfill. When landfills are "full", it costs
      YOU more in taxes to carry your home wastes to sites more distant.

      If you can establish a good relationship with a recycler, it's a
      chance to get some nice items that others disposed of. But keep in
      mind they don't have time to mess around. I've had one commercial site
      literally tell me to "get the hell out of there" when I asked about
      buying a few items while they were trying to process *truckloads*. Be

      Herb Johnson

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