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6077Re: MARCH PDP-11 exhibit, project update

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  • jack99rubin
    Sep 22, 2007
      > I'm still documenting the system, first of all. Second, my initial
      > understanding is that this system was used by the DEVELOPERS at NBS
      > who developed some of those scanning systems used by the Census
      > Bureau. Many computers were used of course by the Census Bureau, at
      > many locations - I've read as much. As for the Dr. Dobb's article, I'd
      > appreciate a specific reference so I could look it up.
      > Herb Johnson

      I may have missed a reference in the earlier posts, but since this
      equipment was donated directly by the original user, I would set a high
      priority on getting a full description of how the system was chosen,
      configured and used from the donor. In addition, an oral history might
      make an interesting addition to the exhibit.

      Context is what makes this machine so interesting, so don't miss the
      opportunity to get information directly from the donor. Since he states
      that he wanted to find a good home for the system, I expect he might be
      very interested in the development of the exhibit and a link to Herb's
      work-in-progress website.

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