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6039Re: [midatlanticretro] question about tantalum capacitors

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  • Bob Grieb
    Sep 11 5:41 AM
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      mfd is the same as uF. In general, uF is the preferred way
      to write it these days. Also, pF is the same as picofarad.
      I've never seen pfd. Polarity is super important with tantalum and
      also aluminum electrolytic caps. They can explode if installed
      backwards. (Lots of fun!) Make sure that the voltage across
      C16 is less that 35V. At least 5V of margin might be a good idea.
      If the old cap is cylindrical, it may be an aluminum electrolytic.
      Even so, a tantalum should be a suitable replacement for it.

      Bob Grieb

      --- "B. Degnan" <billdeg@...> wrote:

      > From the Morrow Thinker Toys Wunderbuss with Noiseguard schematic
      > (S-100),
      > there's a reference to a 2.2mfd in position C16. I don't have any
      > other
      > useful documentation. C16 is burned out and needs to be replaced.
      > Does
      > 2.2 MicroFarad (mfd) mean the same thing as a "2.2uF tantalum
      > capacitor"? -
      > I have some 2.2uF 35v gum drop style tantalum capacitors on hand.
      > The original part is cylinder-shaped, but I understand that these
      > have been
      > replaced with the "gum drop" style.
      > I know that you need to make sure you put the + end in the correct
      > slot. I
      > understand that 35V is good, yes?
      > I thought I'd ask some of the experts here in the group before I do
      > anything rash. Thanks in advance.
      > Bill Degnan

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