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6034question about tantalum capacitors

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  • B. Degnan
    Sep 10, 2007
      From the Morrow Thinker Toys Wunderbuss with Noiseguard schematic (S-100),
      there's a reference to a 2.2mfd in position C16. I don't have any other
      useful documentation. C16 is burned out and needs to be replaced. Does
      2.2 MicroFarad (mfd) mean the same thing as a "2.2uF tantalum capacitor"? -
      I have some 2.2uF 35v gum drop style tantalum capacitors on hand.

      The original part is cylinder-shaped, but I understand that these have been
      replaced with the "gum drop" style.

      I know that you need to make sure you put the + end in the correct slot. I
      understand that 35V is good, yes?

      I thought I'd ask some of the experts here in the group before I do
      anything rash. Thanks in advance.

      Bill Degnan
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