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6019Hail Fellow March'ins - hope everyone had a good summer

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  • Dan
    Sep 5, 2007
      Hail Fellow March'ins

      I hope everyone had a good summer. I see there were some good rescue missions by MARCH. My kids are back in school and it's time that I get back into a routine. I dug out my SOL 20 and my Apple II from storage at my family house in FL and plan on restoring these next. I can't believe I lost my Apple II software. I have to dig through my books to see which AppleDOS version I need, if anyone knows where I might get a copy. I dug up all my books out of storage too, so I'll have these posted soon on my webpage.

      I'm looking for a new format for my webpage to better document my stuff. This time around, I was going to photograph the restoration work as I go along, something I've always deferred these many years. Now if I can make a path from the door of my workshop to each workbench I'll be set. My shelves are getting full in here and the boxes are all over the floor, but that smell of old electronics is better than any air freshener. I look forward to catch up with many of you there at InfoAge in the future.

      [ Never put off till tomorrow, What you can do the day after tomorrow         ]
      [ Pittsburgh ----                     http://www2.applegate.org/~ragooman/    ]
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