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6001Re: DEC exhibit? (was: Failed work day :( )

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  • Herb Johnson
    Aug 29, 2007
      Evan wrote:

      > > The more I
      > > explain the idea, the more I like it ... keep everyone
      > > involved, use
      > > more of our physical exhibit space, vary the exhibits beyond
      > > what MARCH
      > > owns ... sounds good right???

      "John Allain" <allain@...> wrote:
      > Yup, Home Run.
      > ( or, >run home<, clean up systems, bring in to MARCH. )
      > I'll ramble on and add that I want to Pretend the MARCH DEC
      > systems are my own in that I'd like to spend a few _days_ treating
      > them nicely and making them runnable/clean enough for display,
      > ready to go/Inventoried/Researched, 100% museum quality.
      > John A.

      ...and Evan replied "Cool! Nerd fight!! John has a height advantage,
      but Herb is clever...."

      The DEC is not "mine", and I'm glad this was brought up. I don't DO
      projects as subtext for "ownership". If I "owned" this DEC, and did
      the work, and went away (as always happens, eventually); then the work
      would go away. And if no one "owned" the computer later, the DEC would
      go away.

      That means, to me, the work was a waste of time. If something only
      lasts as long as I'm interested, then it has no permanance, no value
      outside myself. What's the point, in my opinion? At age 54, I think
      about these things.

      MARCH (or InfoAge) "owns" the collection. Herb Johnson offers to work
      on some part, to get OTHERS interested in doing more, and to get
      OTHERS to see what we have. The point is to INVOLVE, not to gather
      more toys. I have plenty of toys, thanks. I made my case about the
      value of an exhibit - the proof will be 1) does it interest visitors
      and 2) does it interest MEMBERS.

      Evan "got" that: we have a "go". Welcome aboard, John.


      Herb Johnson

      P.S.: there are several other PDP-11's on site. No shortage of 'em.
      Two 11/10s or /05's are kinda cute...HJ

      Herbert R. Johnson, New Jersey USA
      http://www.retrotechnology.com/herbs_stuff/ web site
      http://www.retrotechnology.net/herbs_stuff/ domain mirror
      my email address: hjohnson AAT retrotechnology DOTT com
      if no reply, try in a few days: herbjohnson ATT comcast DOTT net
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      S-100 IMSAI Altair computers, docs, by "Dr. S-100"
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