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598Club updates, events, and stuff...

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  • Evan Koblentz
    May 1 9:51 AM
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      Hello MARCH'rs.

      Here are some random things...

      - Somehow our Yahoo group is now 76 people. About 15-20 of us are
      known entities. LOL, so who the heck are the rest of you? Please
      come out of hibernation and tell us who you are. We're interested in
      (for starters) your name, what you collect, where you're from in the
      mid-Atlantic region, how old you are, and how you heard about us.
      Feel free to share more. :)

      - John Allain is working on our permanent web site. Update to come.

      - The date for VCF Midwest 1.0 is changed. Originally it was July 16,
      and now it's July 30, at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.
      I'd like to go but can't afford the airfare right now. I suppose
      it's possible for two or more people to carpool out there. Anyone?
      See http://computer-refuge.org/vcfmw/ for more details.

      - Another event in our area is Warpstock 2005 (OS/2), Oct. 6-9, 2005,
      in Hershey, Pennsylvania. That will be less vintage and more just old
      stuff. :) Mark Dodel, the show's organizer, is among our ranks here
      in MARCH. http://www.warpstock.org/press/2005/050505.html

      - Still another related-but-different event is Telephone Collectors
      International Spring, on June 17-19, 2005, in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
      (I'm not interested in this one, but could see how others might be.)

      - Commentary on the concept of a club museum at the InfoAge center
      (Jersey shore) has quieted... I'm still unsure of whether we should,
      or could, make this commitment. In theory, the actual "commitment" is
      minimal; the InfoAge folks would appreciate whatever we can do. On
      the other hand, it might be lame of us to do anything half-assed. For
      now, please keep thinking about it; I'll send another message when I
      hear back from InfoAge about the status of the large collection
      they're inheriting. (Initially, we could use their space as storage
      for our bigger collections, and as a nice spot for club swapmeets,
      etc. -- it's a huge, park-like campus where club events could include
      frisbee, setting off model rockets, and nearly anything else.)

      - This weekend (Sat., June 4), the Edison National Historic Site (West
      Orange, NJ) will be open to the public. It's been closed for a few
      years for renovation, and won't be open for real until next year I
      think. Since I live just 20 minutes away, I'm definitely going.
      Anyone else interested? (This is where Edison had his industrial lab
      and mansion, after becoming famous. It's not where he actually made
      the incandescent light bulb and phonograph -- that's about 30 minutes
      further south in the town of (surprise!) Edison. That town has a much
      smaller and lamer museum. I know because I grew up there and they
      made us go every year in school!

      - Sometime in June or July, I might take a trip to the Maryland / DC /
      Virginia region. I'd like to see the museums down there. I went to
      the American history museum, the air-and-space museum, etc. as a
      child, but this will be an all-geek trip. Specifically, I'd like to
      visit the computer section of the Smithsonian, the Historical
      Electronics Museum, the National Cryptologic Museum, and (maybe) the
      University of Virginia Computer Museum (which I hear is just a few
      display cases in a hallway, and kind of far from the DC area). So
      this is an open invitation to our members down there -- anybody want
      to join me for a little field trip? What else in that area should we see?

      - As always, I encourage everyone to share ideas for what MARCH should
      do. Share 'em with me or with the whole list.

      --- Evan Koblentz, your friendly moderator.
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