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5905Re: [midatlanticretro] Very cool find!

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  • Jim Scheef
    Aug 3, 2007
      Evan and all,

      Well, it says its a bill for 84 hours at night and 95 hours of daytime use of the Moore School's differential analyzer (a type of analog calculating device produced in the late 30's). It has nothing to do with the ENIAC or even with actual computers, but is cool none the less. It makes sense that people at Fort Monmouth (and Camp Evans) would need to solve large differential equations in their research and development activities and a differential analyzer would be way faster than mechanical desk calculators! The date is in 1947, after ENIAC had been announced to the public. I wonder how much the Moore School charged for time on the ENIAC.


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      Check out the file called “contract.jpg” in the files section of our Yahoo group.  Fred sent it to me tonight; I don’t know yet where he found it.  He said it’s probably not a bill for the ENIAC, but it’s from something very close on ENIAC’s heels.


      I’ll see if we can get a large version of this and frame it for a museum display.




      - Evan

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