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59Kim-1 info

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  • Scott Austin
    Feb 18, 2005
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      Hey Bill,

      The Kim-1 I have (my father purchased new way back when) is a
      pre-Commodore green MOS motherboard. It's a Rev B (!) and I believe
      the serial number is 7644 (rubber stamped just below the MOS logo and
      "KIM-1" silkscreen, right?). BTW, also silkscreened just below "KIM-1"
      is "EC-715". Any idea what that indicates?

      My father managed a group of electrical engineers back then. So he
      built a nice case for the Kim-1 with power, TTY, audio, I/O connections
      AND a memory expansion board. I'll have to figure out how much memory
      he added.

      Regarding your offer to bring your expansion card, at this point I
      don't remember enough about the KIM-1 to know how to take advantage of
      your card. I really need to hit the manuals. I believe I have the
      complete set with charts.

      I also need to decide whether I can make it to TCF!

      Another thing I'll have to do is post pictures of it (once I get my
      site up!)

      Scott Austin
      > Message: 4
      > Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 12:20:16 EST
      > From: billdeg@...
      > Subject: Re: New to MARCH
      > what you don't have in quantity you have in quality...what REV
      > (revision) is
      > the KIM? I have an expansion board for a newer KIM, but I am not
      > sure what
      > REV it's for exactly. It's blue if that helps. There are ports for
      > s-100
      > bus and cassette and ??...Let me know if you'd like me to bring the
      > board.
      > I have a working REV G Kim

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