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5883Infoage today, update on Larry

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  • Evan
    Jul 22, 2007
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      It took five Sundays, but I finally have our preview museum room back to its normal pre-VCF status. Some of you will be glad to hear that I slightly de-cluttered things. Also brought in more power strips so we no longer have power cord chaos. We need one of those black rubber cable things for the floor, to safely power the center table. Anybody have one to donate???

      Anyway... this weekend Infoage was visited by some RV group, the BIG ones, about 20 of them. The families paraded through the full museum tour, in small groups, so our computer museum was busy with visitors all day long. Plus I had our wall AC cranked to "Siberia" which most of the other club rooms lack. We were very popular and I had captive audiences! :)

      Found out this morning that Larry Wilkins did not make it. He died a day or two ago. There is a funeral today and I was not able to go. But tomorrow afternoon there is a "celebration of life" party in his honor at Infoage. Larry was VERY popular at the nearby Ft. Monmouth -- I am told that all Ft. Monmouth flags are at half-staff this week. That is not something an Army base does for just anyone.

      I will try to get out of work tomorrow afternoon to attend on behalf of MARCH. Of course all are welcome.

      - Evan