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5877ISA Ethernet cards and 10Base T MAUs

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  • Bob Applegate
    Jul 19 7:15 AM
      At one point, I think someone (MARCH?) wanted some MAUs and cards I've got.  Since work/family
      have prevented me from getting to InfoAge, can I ship these?
      I have three sets of:
         * CentreCOM 210TS twisted pair transceivers/MAUs (call them what you want)
         * SMC ISA ethernet cards with AUI and 10Base2 connectors
      Plus one extra card.  These worked when I tossed the associated machines a few months ago.  Yeah,
      we still developed code on them until a couple years ago.
      If MARCH wants them, tell me the address to ship them to and I might get them out today or tommorrow.