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585OT: Anyone know of a source for a PPC 801 machine

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  • madodel@ptdprolog.net
    May 28 11:21 AM
      Sorry if this is offtopic. This may actually be on topic depending on
      one's definition of vintage. I'm looking for an PowerPC 801 based IBM
      machine. Either desktop, server or Thinkpad. It has to be PPC 801 based,
      and I'm told these are really rare. I have an offer of a copy of OS/2 for
      PPC (which is equally rare), but need the hardware to run it. I was told
      that the 801 chip is the only one OS/2 PPC will run on. I know of very
      few people that have actually ever seen this combination (OS/2 running on
      a PPC), including many IBMers. So if anyone knows of anyone that either
      has one of these and wants to part with it for a reasonable amount, or is
      willing to lend it to me to use for 4 days in October, I would greatly
      appreciate it.



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