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579Re: [midatlanticretro] IBM Series I wrap up

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  • billdeg@aol.com
    May 26 1:49 PM
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      Thanks. I believe I have everything I need then. I will let you know how it
      goes...I have been distracted temporarily by an HP86 Capstan roller that
      needs a new coat of rubber...then I will return to the Series I

      In a message dated 5/26/2005 3:52:47 PM Eastern Standard Time,
      jscheef@... writes:

      > Bill,
      > "asynch card" is IBMese for a serial port. Any serial port will do. If the
      > PC
      > end is a 9-pin, then you will need a 9-pin to 25-pin adapter. These were
      > very
      > common in the days of analog (dial-up) modems. Next you need to know how
      > ports on the Series 1 are wired. I would expect them to be wired the same
      > a 25-pin PC and thus you will need a null-modem cable/adapter to cross the
      > appropriate pairs. Hopefully your manuals have the pin-outs for the serial
      > ports on the Series 1.
      > Last you need a terminal emulator for the PC that can make the PC pretend
      > be a 3101. There were so many terminal programs back in the DOS days that I
      > can't think of any right now. After sitting and looking at the screen, I
      > remembered Procomm. This was a shareware program from the 80's that might
      > speak 3101. Is the PC going to be running DOS? I must have some of these
      > programs archived on tape somewhere...
      > Jim
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