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5788InfoAge update -- some good news

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jul 8 7:31 PM

      As planned, this summer’s high school volunteers painted all of MARCH’s museum rooms.  The results are not exactly professional quality, but hey, we’ll take it!


      Next we can put some cheap industrial carpeting in those rooms.  As we saw with our preview room in the hotel, a little carpeting and some simple paint makes a BIG difference in a simple room’s appearance.


      After that we renovate the actual hallway outside of our rooms – then the entranceway to that wing – and then museum exhibits!!!  I’m psyched.


      Also today, Frank O. and Ray Sills each donated some things to us, mostly C= software.  A highlight: Ray donated a Motorola StarMax.  That isn’t too “vintage” (mid-1990s?) but it’s still kind of neat.  He also brought us some Coleco Adam gear.  Meanwhile Frank brought a 4-button 2600.


      This afternoon, I cleaned up most of our preview room, which was still in shambles from after VCF.  Chris, who’s one of the general InfoAge volunteers, helped out.