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5782Re: M4775LL/a Stylewriter EtherTalk Adapter

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  • rkushnier
    Jul 8, 2007
      Hi Guys,

      Thanks for all the good info. It will take a little time to wade
      through it all.

      Most Mac printers used a serial interface. These plugged into
      either the printer port or the serial modem port. AppleTalk was the
      protocol Macs communicated with over a network. Later, when TCP/IP
      became popular, Apple came out with MacTCP. Future versions of the OS
      incorporated TCP/IP in a more traditional approach.

      Anyway, I thought it would be neat to have an apple printer tied to
      my router, with its own independent IP address. The Stylewriter
      EtherTalk Adapter has an Ethernet connector on one end, and a serial
      connector on the other. It would be great, if I can figure out how
      to use it!

      I have an Apple Powerbook 1400 laptop (OS 8.6) and a PowerMac 4400
      (OS 9.1). The printer works fine attached at the serial ports.

      I'll report back with any progress. If anyone is interested, I can
      shoot some JPG's and post them in this forum.

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