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5779Re: M4775LL/a Stylewriter EtherTalk Adapter

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  • Herb Johnson
    Jul 7, 2007
      "rkushnier" <rkushnier@...> wrote:
      > I came across an old Stylewriter 2500 Printer and read it could be
      > networked with a M4775LL/a Stylewriter EtherTalk Adapter.
      > I purchased this adapter on Ebay. However, I have not been able to
      > have the "chooser" recognize my Ethernet connection. I do not see any
      > indication on my router, or on the adapter, that there is Ethernet
      > activity. I do get a "Green" indication on the adapter that says it
      > is ready for use. AppleTalk is enabled. Running 8.6 OS.
      > Any old MAC fans out there? Any suggestions? ANy one know where to
      > find answers for vintage apple equip?
      > Ron

      I'm a Mac dealer, I sell older Mac stuff. (Has any MARCH member
      checked my Web site?) I've privately emailed a reply to R. Kushnier
      with some informative Web links. But I don't know how his System 8.6
      works with Chooser through a network - I presume a System 8 manual
      would be informative.

      I've pointed him to Apple's Web site of tech notes and manuals. Apple
      maintains PDF's of manuals and old software files, going back to the
      Apple II!

      Herb Johnson
      Herbert R. Johnson, New Jersey USA
      http://www.retrotechnology.com/herbs_stuff/ web site
      http://www.retrotechnology.net/herbs_stuff/ domain mirror
      my email address: hjohnson AAT retrotechnology DOTT com
      if no reply, try in a few days: herbjohnson ATT comcast DOTT net
      "Herb's Stuff": old Mac, SGI, 8-inch floppy drives
      S-100 IMSAI Altair computers, docs, by "Dr. S-100"

      Herb Johnson
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