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5721Re: [midatlanticretro] AC Adapters Available/COLECOVISION Power supply (external)

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  • David Comley
    Jun 25, 2007

      Would you happen to have a 6800 chip ? I need one for
      a project. Happy to pay you whatever the market rate
      is for one.

      --- Bill Pileggi <wpileggi@...> wrote:

      > Just another reminder -
      > If you need an AC adapter or power supply (modular,
      > OEM, etc.) for a
      > piece of equipment, email me. I currently have 4
      > cartons worth of
      > misc. types (AC adapters) and will be happy to pass
      > along one if I
      > have it. And of course TTL IC's, Linear IC's, Memory
      > IC's, CPU's,
      > Boards and other electronics parts accumulated
      > during my youth. Bill P/
      > KA3AIS
      > >>WTD: Colecovision Power adapter/cord anyone?
      > >>Ebay auction 110138605614 (ended) with the item's
      > picture if you're
      > curious what they look like. Bill
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