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5714FW: Items for sale In Bel Air, Maryland

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jun 20, 2007
      From cctalk: see below.

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      From: Gary Sparkes Jr. [mailto:mokuba@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, June 20, 2007 3:34 PM
      To: Discussion: On-Topic and Off-Topic Posts
      Subject: Items for sale In Bel Air, Maryland

      I'm leaving for military service at the end of july, so I'm tidying up
      getting rid of everything I don't need or want ...

      Atari Portfolio with the memory expander plus and smart parallel
      one 64K memory card - if I can find it, there's a serial interface and
      another 64K card....

      Boxed copy of "Harvard Graphics"... Solaris 8 box kit,

      Sun Ultra 5 w/o harddrive - IDE system , 270MHz UltraSPARC Iii with

      Palm IIIxe + cradle

      DEC 3000-300x with video cable and keyboard / mouse / adapter - OpenVMS
      installed but it threw an MCHK error about the ram and I never had time
      figure out which module it was ...

      One SparcClassic with original CPU and a scsi/ethernet sbus card - two
      modules of ram inside the machine both marked 4x36 ... No harddrive in

      Numerous sun keyboards and a mouse or two ... About 4-5 apple ADB

      Lots of rolls of radioshack thermal fax paper

      13W3 video extension cables

      VGA-> BNC video cables and short adapters

      SCSI and IDE cables out the wazoo

      Possibly three IPX's ... Need to check storage for them
      Tomorrow afternoon I should know if I still have the Indigo2 and O2 for
      sale, along with a powermac 8500 and a quadra 605 ..

      Email for information and offers please