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5701Re: Building a computer (May or may not be OT)

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  • Herb Johnson
    Jun 17, 2007
      Like many discussion threads, this one is going in several directions.

      1) University libaries. People local to a university can often get
      limited privledges by paying a deposit, or an annual fee. Check the
      library's Web site for more information, or ask a "senior" staffer at
      the library (student staff may not know this stuff). University
      libraries are good sources for books a few decades old. But you won't
      get "interlibrary loan" privledges as a "depositer" at a Univ. library
      - but you can do that from your local public library.

      2) The microKIM uses a few odd parts, and of course some ROMS. Joe, if
      you make one from scratch, better plan on a way to get those ROMS, and
      make sure you can get ALL the chips on the schematic. The ROM source
      and binaries are available from the microKIM site.

      For fun, if you do make a list of parts and prices, I'd be curious to
      know the total. Betcha the kit price will be close to your onesie's
      parts prices! ;)

      3) The microKIM does not normally have a cassette port; programs are
      downloaded from the serial port, which one would generally connect to
      a PC where you can load and save programs in hex format. Consequently,
      using a PC with the microKIM is just fine. But you can of course load
      programs in hex from the keypad.

      My advice was to program from the keypad, by the way, as a way to
      learn coding at the bit level. That seemed to be your interest.

      4) Building a TV Typewriter, or the II, will be harder than building
      the microKIM from scratch. I'm not sure what your objectives or
      priorities are, my apologies.

      5) Please read the microKIM manual to get a better idea of what you'll
      need to use it. If it's not on the Web site, ask for a copy from the
      seller. Chances are he'll send a file, or if he charges for a printed
      version he'll deduct it from your kit purchase.

      This ends my advice. Joe, you are a good guy, but you want to do many
      things for many reasons. That's fine, but it's more than an old guy
      like me can keep up with. No disrespect meant.

      Herb Johnson

      Herbert R. Johnson, New Jersey USA
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      my email address: hjohnson AAT retrotechnology DOTT com
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