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560Passing along a Vintage MAC Available for cheap..

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  • billdeg@aol.com
    May 23 4:53 PM
      I was contacted by a Delaware person, DTmbrmn@... who sent me this email.
      If anyone is interested please contact him directly (see below). He's not
      much of a computer person, I am doing this as a favor. I believe he has a
      picture by request.

      Dave writes:
      > Here is the information for my Mac computer:
      > Computer Model M0001W 512K
      > could not find serial number
      > Keyboard Model M0110
      > Serial # G516M011003272
      > Mouse Model M0100
      > Serial # G517M010005358
      > External Drive Model M0130
      > could not find serial number
      > Printer Image Writer 1 Model A9M0303
      > Serial # 806517
      > We set the system up and had games running but I do not think the programs
      > are running properly. The internal drive may be malfunctioning. The
      > external drive is running properly. We do not have perforated printer
      > so we did not have the printer operating but it does turn on. I hope one
      > your aquaintences is looking for a collectible that he can work on and
      > out. All the original books and manuals and system disks are in the box
      > therte is an operating manual for the printer.
      > Dave Timberman
      > (302) 292-1899
      > DTmbrmn@...