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5581Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: TRS-80 software

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  • Bryan Pope
    Jun 4, 2007
      Hex Star wrote:
      > And c'mon guys, at least I'm offering you a server which has the
      > diskspace and bandwidth to house Ira's archive. We should all put
      > aside our opinions about what kind of server is in use and work
      > together to recreate Ira's archive on the server I'm offering for this
      > purpose. After that
      How about I do not like installing unknown software on my computer?

      > point people can freely download the whole archive and host it on
      > whatever type of server they prefer. So perhaps the point I'm trying
      > to state here is that we should all just put aside our opinions on
      > what server is best, what server we prefer and take advantage of this
      > server as a place to put our pieces of Ira's archive together to make
      > a complete mirror of the archive. It is from there that anyone will be
      > able to download the
      But I cannot download from your server...

      > entire archive that everyone helped piece together again and put their
      > copy of the archive on whatever kind of server they want, http, ftp,
      > hotline, kazaa...whatever, lets at least use this server as a place to
      > put the pieces of Ira's archive back together. Aferall, we all want
      > access to Ira's archive and so we should all do all we can to help
      > make that a possibility again.

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