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5563Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: New pcb design for S-100 prototype board available

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  • Dan
    Jun 3, 2007

      The cost is based on getting a batch order of 30 boards. I'm not
      keeping an inventory here. I'm just designing this and looking for
      people to join in. That way we can get it at a reasonable cost. This
      design includes all the accouterments.

      The vertical rows do seem to have a bigger limitation. Maybe it's better
      to go with the grid pattern. I was thinking about adding the decode
      logic too. But I haven't decide on whether to use discrete TTL logic or
      a common PLD to save space.

      Since this my hobby, I'm doing this mostly for fun and whatever bonus
      there is at the end is alright by me :)

      I'll be glad to help out on any design you might have. Send me email
      offline and we can talk some more.


      [ My Corner of Cyberspace http://ragooman.home.comcast.net/ ]

      Herb Johnson wrote:
      > It's a nice, straightforward protoboard design you've photographed.
      > Can you really offer these at $15, with *plated edge connectors*, all
      > drilled out - and still cover your costs? Maybe you can make some
      > boards (of my design) for ME on those terms! We can talk privately
      > about stuff like that (after the upcoming VCF show).
      > The only downside to your vertical runs of chips is that it limits
      > chip count. Some protos are horizontal runs, some are perforated at .1
      > centers on the whole board. I'd prefer the whole-board perforated
      > design, and run my own grounds and power, for maximum flexibility. But
      > for a simple design using a dozen to 20 small chips, or a few large
      > chips, your board will do the job.
      > So good luck on your project! Keep me posted.
      > Herb Johnson
      > Dr. S-100
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