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5553New pcb design for S-100 prototype board available

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  • Dan
    Jun 2, 2007
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      I've been working on a pcb design for a S-100 prototype board. I noticed
      a few people on the forums asking about this. I decided to make this
      since this is a big hobby of mine too. I based this design on a old
      prototype board I kept back from the S-100 days. It's made by Electronic
      Control Technology.

      Here's a link to the picture

      There were several different styles made before--each with their own
      advantages. This prototype board(in pic) has the rows in a vertical
      pattern to allow 300mil and 600mil DIP packages. It also accommodates 2
      voltage regulators. Then there were some which only had a grid of solder
      pads to allow any arrangement of 300mil and 600mil DIP packages.

      I like to ask everyone what their preference might be in the arrangement
      of the solder pads, eg: vertical rows, horizontal rows, grid, etc. If I
      get enough feedback, I can include 2 different styles. It's not much
      work to alter the design. I have a panel setup to include 2 pcb designs
      at the moment, and it can be any 2 kinds of S-100 designs. In the
      future, I like to setup a bigger panel to include several more S-100

      Since this is mainly a hobby for me, I thought I might help out and
      offer this service. I'm designing this from my home workshop and intend
      to make this an affordable hobby. In case anyone is interested, with
      enough orders(minimum 30) then I can offer these for only $15 each.

      please send any feedback.
      =Dan Roganti

      [ My Corner of Cyberspace http://ragooman.home.comcast.net/ ]
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