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  • David Comley
    May 9, 2007
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      Well said, Herb.

      Having met so many MARCH folks at TCF, I started to
      think again about my own take on the hobby. I'd
      profile my own collection and activities as being
      discovery - or re-discovery - related, rather than
      restoration/refurbishment to original condition. Most
      of the things I've acquired are missing covers or have
      dings and dents, and nothing could be said to be 'New
      in Box' or even close. Instead, I spend a lot of time
      trying to understand how things were connected or
      configured together (and even what they were used
      for). That often results in repair work to return a
      system to a bootable state (or in a long wait while I
      scour hamfests and swap meets to find a missing board,
      cable or disk).

      It's a great hobby, isn't it: each of us derives
      satisfaction from it from pursuing a different aspect
      or perspective - and hopefully we contribute to a
      broader pool of knowledge by doing so. One can only
      hope that we capture that knowledge somehow for
      posterity and the next generation of enthusiasts.


      --- Herb Johnson <hjohnson@...> wrote:

      > Note to "purists" that say a vintage system has to
      > have "original",
      > vintage cards. Few REAL S-100 systems were
      > "original", or stayed
      > original. People upgraded as hardware improved, as
      > software changed.
      > The point? As I see it, if you are "into" old
      > computers to show them
      > off in original condiiton, then all this talk about
      > "emulators" is
      > moot. Pay $$$ for the last unused (or rebuilt) MFM
      > hard drive and run
      > it only on exhibit day. If you are in it because you
      > can "dig into"
      > it, then adapt some new hardware to old and start
      > writing some CODE.
      > If you are in it for "use" only, then you depend on
      > others to keep
      > providing working hardware: that, and your budget.
      > Herb Johnson
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