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5434Re: [midatlanticretro] Designing Vintage Hardware (was Altair 680 Basic - loading without papertape)

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  • David Comley
    May 4, 2007
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      --- Dan <ragooman@...> wrote:
      > MFM Emulation ?
      > That project sounds interesting, for which machine
      > is it ?
      Well, pretty much any machine I think, although I'm
      targetting DEC hardware (VAXen and Professional 350
      systems) initially where an RD5X drive would be

      I'm hoping to be able to emulate a Micropolis 1325 at
      a low enough level that it could support any
      host/controller platform (that can use that particular
      drive type/geometry etc). The drive emulation should
      be transparent to the point where any low level format
      can be overlaid on it by the controller or host.

      Doing an emulation of an MFM drive would be useful for
      a variety of reasons for hobbyists, not the least of
      which is the cost of replacement drives. The MTTF of
      the platters in these drives is 4 years so they are a
      dying breed; plus, emulation would make it possible to
      expose the low-level formatting used by the hardware
      vendor, something that there's not a great deal of
      documentation on so far as I can tell.

      Of course talking about it is easier than actually
      doing it...

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