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5411Altair 680 Basic - loading without papertape

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  • Dan
    May 2, 2007

      After we talked about running Basic on the 680 back at TCF, I looked up
      the info that Grant Stockly sent. Here's the message(below) that Grant
      posted on the Altair group a while ago about loading Basic into the
      Altair 680 without using cassette or papertape. He has the complete
      papertape converted into a textfile. He already emailed me a copy. The
      instructions and this is are on my webpage
      <http://ragooman.home.comcast.net/computers_altair680.html>. Once I get
      done putting the new sockets into mine I'm going to try this too.


      >Is there any writeup anywhere on using hyperterm as a papertape reader
      >-- I haven't seen that done before. Is there any hardware modifications
      >needed ? What steps do I follow to get the Monitor to recognize this ?

      You type "L" at the monitor prompt to load from paper tape. Then you
      select "Send a Text file" from the transfer menu and select a paper tape
      image. I'll e-mail you two paper tape images.

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