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5407window blinds for the museum?

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  • madodel
    May 1, 2007
      Sorry I haven't been involved much of late but personal life seems to have
      overwhelmed my weekends of late. As I recall the windows in our part of
      the museum have really ancient/ugly wood blinds on them that were falling
      apart. I never measured the sizes at the museum, but in a month we will be
      getting new windows and will have 12 sets of metal mini-blinds to discard
      if we can't find a use for them. If they will fit, the museum can have
      them if they want. Otherwise I will recycle them. Sizes are 35.5 inches
      wide (4 of these, beige), 42.5 inches wide (6 in beige, 2 in light blue).
      Length for all is about 5 feet.

      I hope to be able to be at the museum in the later half of June, after we
      get back from our Bermuda cruise. I've obtained some more software and at
      least one new system to bring. I also have a couple of barrister bookcases
      for displaying boxed software.

      Any more walls to be painted or demolished?



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