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  • Herb Johnson
    Apr 30, 2007
      Dan <ragooman@...> wrote:
      > You guys already left at the end of the day but we launched one of my
      > rockets there in the flea market to officially signify the end of the
      > TCF event--all in spirit of the historic Field Artillery of the
      > army at the Battle of Trenton--thankfully, no actual battle damage--but
      > then there were no Hessian soldiers either--but we sure impressed some
      > of the college girls there --woohoo !)

      However...the remains of the rocket landed near my car, and caused me
      a bit of consteration until I saw there was no damage. Of course, I
      was worried about the InfoAge tables which were loaded in there.

      "Dr. S-100" house call report

      I enjoyed my time at TCF and among my MARCH colleagues. We all had a
      pleasant dinner on Saturday night; film is forthcoming. I sat in at
      the MARCH booths in the flea market, and at the show. Many people came
      by and were much impressed with our bits of old technology. MARCH gave
      them an opportunity to revisit their own computer past.

      There was the usual declining activity in the fleamarket: one had to
      look HARD to find the boatanchors which were once prevelant there.
      Even the dumpsters had nothing to offer - I recall when I fished out
      Zenith Z-100 systems from them. I myself bought a few widgets, nothing
      very old. Amung the oldest items I bought were ones from the MARCH
      table! But I picked up some books from the 1950's (about
      oscilloscopes) which I passed along, and some 1970's semiconductor
      databooks. Not much at the flea market for the gaming computers of the
      1980's, those too were once common until fairly recently.

      I'll have to think about participating in an S-100 way, next year.
      Bill Degan was close to doing that: he brought a MITS 680 and was
      assisted with some repairs on-site.

      I'll have photos of the show available in the near future. I'll post a
      link here.

      Herb Johnson

      Herbert R. Johnson, New Jersey USA
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