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5400Great to see folks today!

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  • Bob Applegate
    Apr 28, 2007
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      I had a fun time with the fellow MARCH members today! Bob Greib
      says Bill D's Altair got up an running... great news!

      Sorry I couldn't go to dinner with you guys, but my sister lives
      about 3 miles from TCNJ and had a big dinner planned with lots of
      family members, so that came first. I got back down to Bob G's
      place around 7:30 to get my car and he filled me in on some of
      the details of what went on after I left.

      Unfortunately a serious problem at work will require my attention
      Sunday, so I won't make it back up until next year.

      Thanks again for the fun day!


      BTW... there was much confusion. Bob G and I (Bob) are both
      from Medford and both worked for Franklin Computer. Bill D was
      from Medford, but confused Herb with Bob G since they looked
      very similar, had the same sort of shirts, both wore caps and
      jeans. It took a few minutes in the parking lot to sort out
      who's who!
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