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5257Apple II gathering in July - registration open for KansasFest

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  • Andrew Molloy
    Apr 4 9:00 PM
      A bunch of folks are headed to Kansas City this summer to spend five nights hacking away on Apple IIs. It's a fun event if anyone wants to join in. I've been to three so far and am heading down from upstate NY.

      Don't worry Evan, I'm still planning to go to VCF East :-D



      KANSAS CITY, MO -- March 30, 2007: KansasFest -- the annual Apple II
      expo of sessions, contests, great stories, tips and tricks, fun and
      games, and things that "just can't be done on an Apple II" -- is now
      open for registration. KFest 2007 will be held at Rockhurst
      University in Kansas City, Missouri, July 17 - 22. Five nights,
      twelve meals, and countless sessions, contests, great stories, tips
      and tricks, fun and games, and things that "just can't be done on an
      Apple II" costs only $340 for a double room or $410 for a single. To
      register, download and complete the PDF form at http://www.KFest.org/
      and follow its instructions to return it via mail, email, or fax.

      Wednesday's lunch (the annual Kookout) is now included in the price
      of the event. Also, volunteers who present sessions will now receive
      an on-site rebate: $15 for presenting a half-hour session, and $25
      for a full hour.

      In addition to official shirts, sold as always at the event, there's
      also a KansasFest online store, where you can buy additional shirts,
      hats, mugs, and more. You can find it at http://www.cafepress.com/

      David Szetela, founding editor of Nibble Magazine and a former
      manager at Apple Computer, will be KansasFest 2007's keynote speaker.
      Szetela is now the founder, president, and CEO of Clix Marketing, an
      Internet marketing agency. An experienced speaker, Mr. Szetela
      promises a fascinating inside perspective on Apple and Nibble for
      attendees of KansasFest.

      "It's amazing and gratifying to me that the flame of passion for the
      Apple II we shared nearly 30 years ago still burns brightly," says
      Mr. Szetela. "I'm looking forward to attending KansasFest 2007 and re-
      connecting with old friends, reminiscing about Apple II milestones,
      and maybe sharing some little-known insider anecdotes."

      Come join the 30th anniversary celebration of the Apple II at
      KansasFest, the world's only annual conference dedicated to the first
      personal computer.