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  • B Degnan
    Apr 2, 2007
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      For those of you interested in Commodore Systems...

      I just got a case of diskettes containing what appears to most if not all
      of Lower Bucks County PA (just west of Philadelphia) Commodore User Group
      (LUG) diskettes. Maybe 400 disks. I have been working to collect all of
      the MidAtlantic user group and BBS disks I can find from any
      format/system, and this is a huge addition to my collection.

      Note that Lower Bucks County borders Chester County, the home of Commodore
      and MOS. Or maybe MOS was in Lower Bucks, not sure.

      Let me know if you're looking for anything software-wise, I can bring
      copies to TCF. I have ISEPIC for those hard to copy disks. I wish I had
      the time to list all of the software I have available. I am sure there
      are a lot of us who feel the same.

      I will trade copies for copies where legally permitted. This weekend I
      worked with Bryan Pope and one of things we did was work with his system
      for archiving 5 1/4 CBM disks. He has hardware add-on for a C64 that
      allows TCPIP connections to a network, very cool. This system can copy a
      disk to a modern computer in 30 seconds...The name is Warp or something
      like that, and plan to get me one!

      Bryan and I also worked on the PET 2001-32B that we mentioned a few weeks
      ago. We replaced a bad chip, but we did not have a replacement keyboard
      on hand, and we did not get a chance to replace the monitor. Still a work
      in progress. We also conclusively located the problem chip in the CBM
      2031 drive Bryan gave me in December, and now all I have to do is
      sacrifice a 1541 drive for this chip. I think between the two of us Bryan
      and I have 50 1541 drives!

      We also worked on the Malvern Particle Sizer (an OEM of the CBM 8296) see:


      For one glorious moment the system worked booted to the read prompt (BASIC
      4.0 32K)...and then returned to disfunction. From this experience I
      believe we can conclude that one of the two PAL chip is bad, hopefully
      it's the socketed one. I found a source for the CBM 8296 PAL chips in
      Europe, I hope to complete this repair job soon.

      Lastly Bryan and I discussed his Commodore exhibit...I look forward to the
      results, I believe it will be a crowd pleaser.

      Thanks again Bryan for hosting the repair day, these are fun and worth
      while events.

      Bill D