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5231Re: [midatlanticretro] OS/2 on a Toshiba lapmonster

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  • madodel
    Apr 2, 2007
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      Sridhar Ayengar wrote:
      > John Allain wrote:
      >>> I don't think it's a case of minimum requirements, but more of
      >>> a case of "minimum requirements".
      >> This sentence reads to me as absurdly obtuse, Absurdly Obtuse.
      > I didn't think anyone remembered that one. 8-)
      >> Care to try a second phrasing for us dense people?
      > What I meant was that is it wasn't actually a minimum requirement. It
      > was a bullshit requirement to cater to some marketroid's subjective
      > impression of what "acceptably fast" means.
      > Peace... Sridhar

      Perhaps, but I tried running Voice Type on a 486DX33 and it didn't work at
      all, so for VT I think even a Pentium 75 was probably just barely usable.
      The Warp4 box says 486DX33 minimum for installation, and like I said it was
      RAM for both Warp3 and Warp4 that made it usable, and was one of the major
      reasons for its demise since RAM was always at a premium in those days.
      OS/2's memory requirements were always at the high end of what was standard
      back then. And the more the better it ran. Now I have 2 GB and rarely get
      even close to using it all, and then only when I run XP from a VirtualPC
      under OS/2. So maybe it would install on a 386, but if its not really
      usable what is the point?



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