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5227Nice little find- Apples

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  • us21090
    Apr 1, 2007
      I picked up a nice little find from another Maryland freecycler (not
      the XT clone guy).

      The stash includes an Apple II+, a couple IIe's with lotsa accessories
      like serial cards, separate keypads, koala touchpad, switch-a-slot,
      printer, floppy drives, harddrive, other add-on cards I haven't
      inventoried yet and a couple monitors (one Apple, one is a switchable
      dual input Commodore 1702 monitor with audio). Also software like
      DOS, GEOS, Pascal and Fortran compilers, games and more. Five boxes
      of it all.

      I thought it'd be fun to get the one system going with as many fun
      options as possible. I'm leaning toward focusing on the II+.

      I'm not a collector of much, just a piece or three. But I kinda like
      the 6502 theme now, since I already have a Kim-1 and an Apple 1

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