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5226Re: [midatlanticretro] OS/2 on a Toshiba lapmonster

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  • madodel
    Apr 1, 2007
      Sridhar Ayengar wrote:
      > Jim Scheef wrote:
      >> Mark,
      > I'm not Mark, but I've run OS/2 a lot, so I thought I might be able to
      > take a swing at this.
      >> What version of OS/2 might you recommend for my "new" Toshiba T6600C
      >> lapmonster (cira 1993)? It has 8M RAM. I have yet to run a diagnostics
      >> program on it so I don't know what the video chip is. It has a built-in
      >> Adaptec SCSI interface that runs the CD-ROM, which might affect reading
      >> a setup CD. Also, I installed an NE-2000 network card, so it would be
      >> nice if that worked as well. Any thoughts?
      > Anything newer than Warp 3 would probably do just fine. There's a bunch
      > of new capabilities that would make Warp 4 very convenient. One is that
      > it's very easy to install a late-model web browser.
      > Peace... Sridhar

      Is this a 486 or 386? Warp 4 required a 486/33 minimum. And a Pentium/75
      for VoiceType. Also Warp 4 requires a minimum of 12MB, and 16MB would be
      better. Warp3 is leaner and I seem to recall installing it in as little as
      6 MB of RAM, but more is better, as anything less then 12MB I think used a
      lot of disk caching so it ran slow. Both versions of Warp required a 3.5"
      floppy to do the initial install boot. I think Warp 3 should recognize an
      Adaptec SCSI but you can find a complete 3.5" diskette version, but I
      think that was 20+ diskettes to swap out. Its been almost 15 years since
      I installed Warp3 and all the copies I have are at the Museum now. I'm not
      sure if OS/2 2.1 will work with the Adaptec/CDROM combo. I think I have a
      copy of OS/2 Unleashed, 2.1 here unless I took that to InfoAge as well. If
      I can find it I will look to see if it mentions a SCSI CDROM. That release
      had both CDROM and floppy disk versions also. I'm pretty sure I have a
      couple copies of 2.1 all diskette version at InfoAge.



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