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5218Summary of MARCH Flea Market Table

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  • B. Degnan
    Apr 1, 2007
      We will have a table in the TCF flea market on both days.  We will deal with each person who wants to participate on a case by case basis.  If  you wish to sell items, be prepared to pay at least something either to TCF or MARCH.

      Someone from MARCH will be there from 8AM Sat to the end Sunday.  If you're a last-minute planner you can always bring your stuff, leave it in your car and then visit our "booth" to see what your options are.

      There are two goals of the table
      1) Sell memberships / get new members
      2) Sell/show off vintage computer stuff.
      To get top dollar, please clean and test your items before you bring them.  Assume that no tables/supplies will be provided, but we will try to have this covered.  If you can bring a folding table and plan to come, let me know.  I think that we are trying to avoid an extra trip to InfoAge early Sat morning to borrow a table.  More on this from Evan.

      Just as important is our indoor table, with some sort of vintage computer demo setup and MARCH info, etc.   As of this writing we still plan to man the indoor table and small exhibits are needed.  We can tell visitors inside about the flea market table, and customers outside about the demos...

      Bill D