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5215IBM PC and XT IS vintage (was: Debatably OT: Home needed for a IBM XT Clone)

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  • B. Degnan
    Apr 1, 2007
      At 05:45 AM 4/1/2007 +0000, you wrote:
      >At the risk of introducing an off-topic msg, but since I'd hate to
      >pitch this...
      >Working IBM XT PC Clone I received from a freecycler. There's no name
      >plate or model number on the case(!). Without dis-assembling the
      >guts, I see no manufacturer name. That is, except on the Leadman 150W
      >(wow!) power supply.
      >640MB ram
      >30+MB hardrive Model ST-238R (I believe is Seagate)
      >Qty 2, 5.25 floppy drives (each 1/2 height)
      >CGA adapter (its marked "VIP". Is that a brand?)
      >Yellow phosphor monochrome CGA Samsung monitor

      An XT Clone is ON topic. I already have too many of these kinds of systems
      myself, but I hope someone takes up your offer. It's very useful to have a
      5 1/4" disk IBM-format system on hand, and a clone is nice because you
      don't have to risk damaging a brand-name box. Install a 720K 3.5" drive
      and you have a bridge between old and new.

      Further, I believe that IBM PC and XT is overlookedas an important vintage
      computer. The PC is one of the top 5 most important microcomputers in the
      era 1974-86, or any time for that matter..It would be apt if someone
      exhibited an IBM PC (or clone) at VCF this year. You can review the past
      VCF's and note the under-representation of the IBM PC from the list of
      exhibits...an easy exhibit for someone new to VCF.

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