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5169TCF '07

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Mar 28, 2007
      Okay folks,

      This year at Trenton (April 28-29) we will once again have a modest indoor
      booth, which the show management gives us for free since we're a non-profit
      group. But we are also considering buying an outdoor swap meet space. This
      would be to sell things that you wouldn't bring/sell at our VCF event. In
      exchange for the (limited) space, MARCH would take 15% of the profits or
      $25, whichever is less. We discussed this among the club officers and we
      think it's fair. The swap meet cost isn't refundable if it rains, so it
      does involve some risk on our part.

      Bill D. and Jim S. will be there Saturday. I'll be there both days. Bill
      will be in the swap meet area, I'll be inside; I'm not sure about Jim's
      plans. We need at least two people in each booth, both days, or else we
      have a problem.

      So, who else is interested in participating, specifically in our swap meet
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