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5089Re: [midatlanticretro] A nifty, non-MARCH announcement

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  • Bryan Pope
    Mar 10 7:53 PM
      Jeffrey Frady wrote:
      > All hail Evan!
      We are not worthy! ;)


      Wayne's World

      > On 3/10/07, *Evan Koblentz* <evan@... <mailto:evan@...>>
      > wrote:
      > I already posted this to classiccmp and the vc forum, but actually
      > forgot to
      > post here! The news: Computerworld magazine invited me blog for
      > their web
      > site about our hobby. How cool is that!? CW has hundreds of
      > thousands of
      > readers, so it says a LOT about our hobby that they decided we wacky
      > collectors are bandwidth-worthy. I'm fortunate that they asked me
      > to write
      > it, but regardless, it's not about me (LOL, unlike the glory of
      > leading
      > MARCH) -- it's seriously about the growth and exposure for our
      > hobby. May
      > not help with epay prices but I'd rather see a boatload of new
      > collectors
      > than a few more bucks in my wallet.
      > The blog is at http://www.computerworld.com/blogs/koblentz ... as
      > you'd
      > imagine the post count will be extremely slim until after VCF East.
      > - Evan
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