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5087RE: [midatlanticretro] Saturday Commodore PET 2001 workday

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  • Jim Kalin
    Mar 10, 2007
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      I like the pics of the PET’s.  I’ve never used a PET, but I did have a Commodore Vic-20, Commodore C64, and Commodore C128.  I couldn’t afford an Apple IIE back then, so I stuck with Commodore, ah the good ole day.



      Jim K.



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      Subject: [midatlanticretro] Saturday Commodore PET 2001 workday


      Byran Pope met me at my house today to help work on some PETs we have.

      In total 4 PET's were worked on today from less than functional systems

      1) 2001-8 (sn ??)- when tape loading program, sometimes junk chars appear
      on screen see #2 below)

      2) 2001-8 (sn 20343)- (bad keyboard replaced)

      3) 2001-32B (bad power supply replaced, monitor fixed see #1 below)

      4) 2001-16N - (not fixed: RAM (?)

      5) also semi restored a CBM 8250 disk drive using a B-128 and the
      diagnostic from CBUG 48. Was not able to header a disk, but could read
      directories in drive 0.

      Lessons learned:
      #1 If your monitor is hissing pretty loudly but there is no smoke, the
      suction cup connector may have come dislodged from the inner picture tube
      chassis - re-attach

      #2 If you are having issues loading programs from the tape such as garbled
      characters appearing on the screen, try loading the programs on an external
      tape drive by disconnecting the internal drive and using the port for your
      external tape player. If you are successful loading programs from external
      tape drive, 1) you may have a power supply problem 2) at least you know the
      processor and RAM are probably OK.

      Here are some hi-res pics:
      http://vintagecompu ter.net/commodor e/2001/
      (there are no pics of the 2001-32B or 2001-16N)

      Bill Deg

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