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5014Re: [midatlanticretro] Wha's our cut-off age for "retro"?

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  • William Pechter
    Feb 24, 2007
      I think I have an IBM 8515 (IIRC) anyone who wants it can have it.
      It's really fuzzy (convergence ? maybe)...


      --- John Allain <allain@...> wrote:

      > > Sorry, no PS/2 {monitors}s.
      > If there really is a need for stock VGA monitors I can probably
      > get an average of 4 working ones a month, knowing the local
      > scrappers. IE not a problem.
      > About 1 in 15 I see are IBM branded CGA or PS/2.
      > John A.

      Bill Pechter
      Lakewood MicroSystems
      732-931-0070 (voice)
      877-661-2126 (fax)
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