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  • Herb Johnson
    Feb 19, 2007
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      --- Ray Sills <raysills@...> wrote:
      > HI Evan:
      > The "cutter" C> IIRC, bears a resemblance to the V shaped piece of
      > plastic on a Teletype machine that has a paper tape punch on it...

      That may be true by happenstance. But the use of the "greater than"
      symbol, which I'm sure has an actual name, as a request for terminal
      input goes back to at least the DEC-10 or PDP-10 days, if not further.

      I've used CP/M and DEC computers since the mid-1970's. I've seen such
      a prompt on many interactive systems, small and large. I don't recall
      anyone using the term "cutter" to describe "the prompt". It may be
      that some other techie subculture uses that term.

      But appros to the Kaypro, a copy of the Digital Research CP/M 2.2
      manual has this description:

      "To clearly indicate which disk is the currently logged disk, the CCP
      always prompts the operator with the disk name followed by the symbol
      ">" indicating that the CCP is ready for another command."

      CCP is the Console Command Processor. that's the part of the OS which
      handles commands like "DIR" and "ERA", etc, and which loads programs
      by name and passes command-line arguments to that program.

      A Google on "ASCII '>'" finds RFC 1345 on Character Mnemonics. RFC's
      are Internet standards documents. This one says the following:

      > 003e GREATER-THAN SIGN

      Tom Jennings, a writer of note during the CP/M period, is referenced
      in Wikipedia as the author of a Web document on ASCII and the history
      of related codes, at this link:


      There may be some typewriter history which might be informative as
      well about the ">" symbol.

      Herb Johnson

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