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4888NCR MNMOS EAROM Memory Datasheet

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  • synton88
    Feb 3, 2007
      Ok, I'm a lurker here, learned & joined MARCH when I made the trek up
      from MD to the Trenton Fest a couple years ago. Hope to get to NJ
      area again to see all the great things the group has done!

      Sorry for the slightly off topic post, but this regards a company who
      was a player in components for retro period machines....

      I am looking for the data sheet of memory made by NCR (aka Nitron) in
      the 1980's time period:

      NC7033 336 bit (21x16) Word Alterable, MNMOS EAROM "Word Alterable ROM"


      NCR52801 N7700020FMNABA 14 Pin Dip of same apparent function as NC7033

      It appears to be a serial RAM, made at a time when rewrite lifetime
      was a significant issue, so data was often written identically in
      several locations and a correct read verified by voting the identical
      location read results.

      Anyone of MARCHs guru's have any old 80's data sheets?

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